Disciplinary procedures: players



This protocol is for all individuals who represent Fylde RFC Limited in ALL the playing teams and will include not only players but also ALL support staff. For the purpose of this protocol, all will be known as PLAYERS.


In the event of it being alleged that any Player or Players have acted in breach of any of the Club Rules. Or have acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of Fylde RFC Limited, or in a manner unbecoming to the Club ethos or culture, or the Laws of the Game. The Chairman of Club Discipline will arrange for the allegation to be investigated. Any allegation must be forwarded to the Chairman of Club Discipline or any member of the Club General Committee as soon as possible from the date of the alleged incident.

Disciplinary Action may also be considered, if any Player or Players brings the Club into disrepute by using social media in an unacceptable and offensive manner. “Unacceptable”' in these terms means expressing views about the Club and/or individuals connected with the Club, or other Clubs which are knowingly inaccurate, showing disrespect for others or being libellous towards them.

The responsibility to report any incident whether it involves a Fylde player, an opposition player, or an opposition Club, will be the relevant Team Manager or Coach.

If, on investigation, there appears to the Chairman of Club Discipline to be substance in the allegation, he shall appoint two (2) other Club General Committee Members, or Rugby Committee members, excluding the Club President and any member of the Club General Committee or Rugby Committee, who has been involved with or involved in the alleged incident, to form a Disciplinary Committee to consider the allegation and adjudicate on the said incident. The player or players against whom the allegation is made will be given the opportunity to appear before this Disciplinary Committee and give evidence or make representation to it. The Player or Players against whom the allegation is made can, with suitable reason, object to Members of the Disciplinary Committee.

If, on the balance of probabilities, the Disciplinary Committee is satisfied that the allegation is proven, the Disciplinary Committee is empowered to impose such penalties as it deems appropriate, including expulsion from the Club.

In the case of a Citing of an opposition player or Club, the Disciplinary Committee must have all the relevant information which may include witness testimonies. The responsibility for the collection of such information shall be the relevant Team Manager or Coach or any other responsible person from the Team involved. A citing incident must be notified to the relevant Constituent Body within Seven (7) days.


It is important to understand that such information from Paragraph one (1) will be required to support the requirements made to the relevant Constituent Body where pertinent.


The Player or Players, against whom an allegation referred to in Paragraph one (1) has been proven, shall have the right to appeal against the Disciplinary Committee’s findings. This appeal will be made to an Appeals Committee comprising three (3) members of the Club General Committee appointed by the Club President (or in his absence or incapacity the Chairman of the Club), none of whom served on the original Disciplinary Committee and who have not been involved with nor in the alleged incident. The President of Fylde RFC may serve on this Committee.


Notice of any such appeal shall be provided to the Chairman of Club Discipline in writing within seven (7) days of the date on which the notification of the Disciplinary Committee was given, along with a deposit of Fifty Pounds (£50) towards the cost of any reasonably incurred expenses, Any penalties imposed by the Disciplinary Committee will be suspended pending the determination of the Appeals Committee.


The Appeals Committee shall afford the Player or Players against whom the allegation is found proven, the opportunity to appear before the Appeals Committee and provide evidence or make representations to it. The Appeals Committee are given the power to confirm, vary, or set aside the decision of any penalties imposed by the Disciplinary Committee.

The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.


In cases where the Disciplinary Committee consider there is a case to answer, the sanctions imposed will run in parallel with the findings of any Constituent Body decision, or whatever local sanction is imposed if the Constituent Body are not involved

Any player who decides to continue the appeal to the constituent Body will be responsible for all costs incurred.


Any financial penalty shall be payable within seven (7) days of receipt of the written notification of the Disciplinary Committee, or, as the case may be, the Appeals Committee. A Player or Players who fails to pay such a financial penalty, or refuses to adhere to the Disciplinary Committees or the Appeals Committees decision or decisions, will automatically be suspended from membership of Fylde RFC Limited and denied all membership benefits until the penalties are adhered to.


Any Player or Players whose right of appeal provided in paragraph two (2) is unsuccessful will, in addition to any penalty imposed, pay to Fylde RFC Limited the costs reasonably incurred by Fylde RFC Limited in hearing the appeal, to a maximum of £50.00. If the Player or Players are successful in their appeal by proving an incorrect ruling or an injustice by the Disciplinary committee the Club will be responsible for any costs incurred, to a maximum of £50.00.


This protocol complies with the Rules of Fylde RFC Limited numbers 5.10, 5.11 and 5.12.

Under Eighteen (18) players, playing in open age Rugby.

All Team Managers and Coaches must comply with the following rules regarding Under Eighteen (18) players. This is to adhere to RFU Continuum where such circumstances apply circumstances apply to any player Under Eighteen (18) playing in any of the open age rugby teams. A record of the following checklist must be retained by the relevant Team Manager or coach when applicable.

  1. The player cannot play in the front row of the set scrum.
  2. The payer MUST agree to play in an open age rugby team.
  3. The payer MUST have the approval of the parents or guardians to play.
  4. The payer MUST have the approval of the appropriate Under Eighteen (18) coach plus the approval of the relevant Manager/Coach for the team for which he is attended to play.

NOTE: The above also applies to Womens Rugby, except where the Women’s team is playing the match under the Under Eighteen (18) Continuum rules.

If there are any doubts regarding the Continuum rules, SAFETY is the utmost consideration and the player should be excluded, or contact the Chairman of Club Discipline.




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