Touch Me On A Wednesday, Then Just Walk Away …

By June 22, 2021Latest News

Hello Touchmeisters,

In the words of Mike Myers and Dana Harvey….”WE’RE NOT WORTHY, WE’RE NOT WORTHY!!!!”

It was another triumphant evening session for the chasers of egg …. 43 stalwarts once again, made the switch to AKS School fields for a change of venue. Despite the ground scouring knees and elbows like 40 grit wet’n’dry, the session was full of the usual giggles and application; so a massive round of applause to you all!!!

We have another 3 Wednesdays at AKS and regardless of this, IT NEVER RAINS AT TOUCH (#INRAT), although we could probably do with a bit of cloud juice at any other time…thank you very muchly!

So, you all know the Bobby Moore by now, 6.30pm at AKS…don’t you be late!

Not sure on the situation re: Club Bar being open, but I’ll have more news on that on the night.

Stay healthy guys and I’ll see you all on the ice.



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