The 250 Club is re-born! Please support Fylde RFC

By April 20, 2021Latest News

The Fylde 250 Club is a long running and popular scheme which is an important opportunity for members and non-members to win generous cash prizes during the normal season and for the Club to raise funds for the maintenance of the Woodlands. This has been a great success over the years with the winning draw taking place after each of the 15 1st XV home games. There are 13 draws for £250 and 2 draws for the mammoth top prize of £2,500. That’s a total of £8,250 paid out during the season.

Firstly, we wanted to say a huge thank you to existing subscribers to the 250 Club. You’ve been supporting the club and paying your membership throughout the last year – it’s made a great difference to our community.

Due to the pandemic, the last draw was made in March 2020. We are delighted to announce that well known former player, member and loyal sponsor Anthony Hoskisson has agreed to manage the scheme henceforth and he has come up with a plan to bring this up to date with a series of draws being made during the coming weeks in spring and summer to clear the backlog.

Three home games were lost when the 2019-20 season was suspended 13 months ago (v Otley on 28th March 2020, v Sheffield Tigers on 18th April and Scunthorpe on 25th April). The first replacement draw was made in the Clubhouse last Saturday 17th April and the next two will be drawn on successive Saturdays, 24th April and 1st May. The latter will be for the £2,500 prize. Former Chairman Andy Hiles was the lucky recipient of £250 on Saturday.

All 250 Club members who have paid their subs up to date will be in the draw for these three prizes.

There will then be 15 draws made for the null and void 2020-21 season made throughout the summer ahead. These will start on Saturday, 8th May and will run through to be completed on Saturday, 7th August 2021.

To qualify for these draws, any lapsed or new members of the scheme will have to commit and pay before the 8th May deadline. Remember that membership of the 250 Club is open to Fylde RFC Members and non-members who want to support the Club. The cost for one entry to the draw is £80 pa, a second entry is £70 pa, subsequent numbers are each £60 pa. These amounts can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.

All proceeds from the 250 Club go directly towards the upkeep and modernisation of the facilities in the Clubhouse and its grounds.

The new 2021-22 National League season is expected to begin on Saturday, 4th September and the 250 Club draws will be made, as in previous seasons, after each 1st XV home game.

All enquiries please, including by potentially new members, to

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