Request for volunteers from the Chairman

By November 11, 2020Latest News

To supporters of Fylde RFC

It has been a few short weeks since the AGM and the new team of officers have made significant progress with various changes and appropriate cost reduction.

Andy Dowds, our new Treasurer, has completed a financial review and the details will be shared with members next week.

The club has successfully applied for several grants and is taking advantage of all the government schemes that are available.

Costs have been cut to the minimum and there is now no administrative support in the Clubhouse.

As a consequence of these changes, we do need your help urgently. There are several roles that need volunteers to assist the team of officers. These include:

* assistance with administration
* help with the online shop
* working on the club database
* contributing to building a new website being established in the near future

The Club’s fine history and traditions are based on the hard work of volunteers over our hundred years. It’s in this spirit that we seek your assistance as we try to build an inclusive group to broaden and share the responsibility of running the Club into its second century.

If you are able to contribute some time to our collective effort in any way please let me know by emailing

Nigel Wild will reopen the Clubhouse to all members in a COVID-secure way as soon as possible but most importantly we need to see rugby starting again as soon as possible.

Mike Brennand
Fylde RFC

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