Lockdown Stories 5 & 6: Tom Carleton and Connor Wilkinson

By April 8, 20211st XV, Latest News

Fylde’s two most dangerous attackers in the last couple of seasons have been fullback/wing Tom Carleton and centre Connor Wilkinson. Friends from their Kirkham Grammar School days, they have rattled up 79 tries between them in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons despite the early termination of the latter campaign. We are delighted that both have committed themselves to the squad’s 2021-22 National League campaign.

The last year has been tough for so many people, especially the old and young. So how have these two exceptional young players and athletes coped with 12 months away from the game they love?

Tom Carleton

To think its now over a year since we last played a game of rugby at the Woodlands is a grim thought. The past year has seemed to have flown by, yet lockdown has felt never ending at times. Despite this, one thing has remained constant and that is how much myself and the rest of the squad are looking forward to returning to rugby.

For me, the past year has been a frustrating one. Things are beginning to look up however, as I am making good progress with the selection processes of a number of potential careers, among other things.

If anything, this forced period of time away from the game has reinvigorated my passion for the sport, and made me realise why it is we spend so much time playing it. We can now look forward to the return of rugby matches in the – hopefully – not too distant future, as well as enjoying some long overdue beers with friends after them.

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Connor Wilkinson

The past year has been a very strange experience for me, from fighting week in week out at the top of Nat 2 North to sitting at home wondering how to fill my days back in March 2020.

The past year has been challenging for me, as it has been for everyone else.

But has given me time to spend time with family, start a community coaching course and I have also been working with my dad on various home projects.

The time away for the game has just increased my passion to train and play. With the government giving the green light for outdoor sports we can finally look forward to for some competitive rugby matches and the return of league rugby.

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