Let’s celebrate our volunteers!

By May 21, 2021Latest News
Praise be for volunteers!
One part of the RFU which helps rugby in the North of England is RFU North Club Suppport. They tweeted this morning to remind us that “the 1st-7th June is #VolunteersWeek. A great time to appreciate and showcase your club #volunteers. We want to see your volunteers and hear their stories. Volunteers are not paid – not because they’re worthless but because they’re priceless.”
Fylde relies of a loyal group of volunteers to do all kinds of duties for the Club. This includes ‘Gates’, car park work and selling raffle tickets on match days, coaching and managing the Mini-Junior, Colts and Senior teams and a host of other work. The legendary Friday Club group put in effort throughout all year around, principally maintaining the Grounds, its perimeter, terraces, stand and, of course, the Clubhouse itself.
Chris Farrow captured some of the extensive range of work in September 2020. See the attached collection of photos.
The RFU North Club Support praised these efforts: “Great to see a variety of volunteers taking care of the multitude of club projects that need completion.”
Thanks once again to all our fabulous volunteers – we couldn’t run the Club without you!

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