At Fylde we know that Rugby union is a powerful and positive influence. Enjoyment goes hand in hand with achievement and we believe that for the game to thrive we must look after the children and young people who play rugby. Their welfare and wellbeing is fundamental. We all want the rugby environment to be a safe and happy one.

Rugby’s core values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship are attributes that we all want to impart.

Our hope is that everyone children meet within our sport can act as a positive role model. As children develop qualities and skills like confidence, commitment and concern for others they become potential leaders for the future.

It is essential that we provide them with a positive experience and give them the opportunity to achieve their true potential. We have a duty to ensure that safeguarding children is prioritised and that each child’s rugby experience is as good as we can possibly make it.

Fylde RFC follows the guidelines and policy set out by the RFU, for more details please follow the link below:-

The RFU Safeguarding Policy Guidance & Procedures sets out the key principles as well as providing best practice guidance. Everyone shares the responsibility for safeguarding and, therefore, this policy and guidance will be both relevant and useful for all those involved in creating safe environments in rugby union whether as a parent, coach, spectator or club official.