Wednesday Touch Rugby – an earlier start at AKS this week

By July 6, 2021Club, Touch

Hello You Touchtastic Lot,

Another solid turnout of 37 Cacciatori di Uova last week … big up to the Wednesday Touch Posse!!!!!

The big news this week is that our Kneelballers have only gone and made it into a major tournament semi-final!!!! Well slap my bum and call me Lionel, who’d have thought????

So, I’ve had a great idea … I’ll bring the touch back to a 6pm meet for this week so that we can all get down to the Club to watch the match; I know, it’s a top shout, right!

Don’t forget to book your table with Nigel if you intend getting involved (I wonder if the trombone player will be back).

This will be our last session at AKS fellas so let’s make it a top one to send us back on our way to Fortress Woodlands … should be a cracking atmosphere at the Club too.

Before I leave you in peace, can I just bring to your attention the requirement for MEMBERSHIPS TO BE PAID!!!

We had a meeting the other week and we really do need to start getting our memberships in place guys. You can pay in one chunk OR pay in monthly instalments (which is just £12 per month by direct debit).


Stay well and behave yourselves,



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