Welcome Message from the Mini / Junior Chairman, Jeff Gould:

At Fylde our mission is “to provide a safe, friendly rugby playing environment for children of all ages and all abilities”.

This we deliver at the Woodlands via our Mini & Junior (MJ) Section which is managed and organised through a MJ Committee with the support of numerous volunteer Coaches, Team Managers, Parents & Friends of Fylde RFC.

Our MJ Committee has set in train a set of core values which underpin everything we do. These are: 

Mini Junior Vision and Values

Each week, we have over 240 children playing the great game of Rugby through 10 Age Groups ranging from Under 7 through to Under 16 and we aim to grow these numbers year on year as we make the game more accessible and attract new players both male & female across the various age groups.

New players, no matter how experienced, are therefore always welcome. We also have over 40 dedicated, volunteer Coaches and Team Managers who give up their time freely to provide the training, development and playing opportunities for our local children.

Fylde RFC has a thriving Mini-Junior section with sides from Under 7's to Under 16's.

The Mini Junior section is a significant part of the club with its own commitee made up of team representatives from each age group.

The Chairman of the section is Jeff Gould who can be contacted via e-mail: slgould@talktalk.net