Warren’s programme notes ahead of final home game

April 21, 2018
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Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to players, staff and maybe even some supporters from Loughborough Students. Regardless of where our opponents finish at the end of the season, I believe that their presence at National League Level is an important part of the evolution of our great game and they do a great job at offering a dual pathway to aspiring young players.

Looking back at my notes for the first game of the season I referenced Alex Ferguson at the start of his tenure at Manchester United. On a personal level I came into this season believing that this was “an incredible opportunity” and “not one that I intend to waste” as well as saying that the relentless season would be the best judge of the ability of our talented youngsters.

Coming to the end of the season it is clear that we have not been able to produce the consistency of performances across the season as a squad, but I must thank the players, coaches and support staff for the way they have remained positive and focused during times when we could easily have lost heart. We may be going down but we are sticking together as a group and will use the lessons learned this season to our advantage as we attack next season’s challenges.

Finally, I would like to single out Roger Banks and Dave Young for a special thank you. They both put an enormous amount of time and effort into all areas of the club and it is often a thankless task! Between them there is a great mix of ambition and pragmatism, but most importantly, the long-term future of the club is central to every decision they make. I am grateful to work with good people and look forward to moving forward together next season.

I look forward to seeing you in September! Enjoy the rugby!

Fylde’s last home game of the season v Loughborough at the Woodlands