Twitter use by N2(N) clubs

National League clubs use social media in different ways and with varied degrees of intensity. The two main social media channels used by sports clubs are Twitter and Facebook. Most rugby clubs have a presence on both.

In considering Twitter, there are two principal metrics – the number of followers and the number of tweets issued. The sixteen National Two (North) clubs are led by Preston Grasshoppers on the first measure and Fylde on the second.

Both ‘Hoppers and Fylde are well ahead of all other clubs in the division on both measures. Indeed, they rank in the top five clubs amongst all 48 National League clubs in National One and Two (North) and (South).

N2N Twitter presence (@1/3/2019)
Followers Tweets issued
Hull Ionians 3105 4844
Huddersfield 1710 4954
Chester 1782 4069
Fylde 6797 27946
Otley 217 169
Hinckley 2821 4777
Tynedale 3717 4437
Sedgley P 3351 6761
Preston G 7762 19106
Wharfedale 4449 5335
Stourbridge 3791 4462
Leicester L 1344 848
Sheffield T 3015 7681
South Leic 735 528
Macclesfield 4584 8306
Peterboough L 1299 1311


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