The shape of National Two (North) in 2018 has now been finalised. Following Luctonians oh so brave defeat against Sale FC, Wharfedale have survived relegation by the skin of their teeth. That left 11 Northern clubs and 6 from the Midlands who qualified for N2N next season.

The NCA has been required to ‘level transfer’ one of these 17 to balance up the geographic distribution between Two (North) and Two (South) and Birmingham Solihull will join the Southern division.

Based on the experience of previous years, a draft version of the new fixtures should be issued to clubs in the near future.

Northern clubs   Midlands clubs
Fylde   Stourbridge
Hull Ionians   Hinckley
Sedgley Tigers   South Leicester
Tynedale   Leicester Lions
Huddersfield   Peterborough
Sheffield Tigers    
Preston Grasshoppers