17 clubs currently in line for N2N next season

16 clubs have now been earmarked for National Two (North) in the 2019-20 season following the last weekend of scheduled league games, with all bar one promotion and relegation issue resolved. The only outstanding matter will be settled at Canterbury RFC’s ground this coming Saturday when N2N runners up Chester compete for promotion to National One in the N2 play-off. With the huge advantage of a home game, Canterbury will be favourites to be victorious. [In the cause of Northern rugby and our friends at Hare Lane, we hope they do triumph].

If so, then Chester will return to N2N and one of the Midlands-based clubs will move to National Two (South) on a ‘level transfer’ basis in order to maintain the geographical balance.

The make-up of N2N with all 17 clubs at the moment is:

Caldy Hinckley
Huddersfield Stourbridge
Sedgley Park Leicester Lions
Tynedale Scunthorpe
Fylde Luctonians
Preston Grasshoppers Loughborough
Sheffield Tigers

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