In search of our Founding Fathers … please help!

As the Club approaches it’s Centenary later this year, we are keen to pay tribute to our founding members.

Fylde Rugby Club was born literally on the toss of a coin. On July 25th Manchester businessmen met at the Ansdell Institute to discuss the formation of either a rugby or football Club. A coin was tossed and it fell in favour of rugby. From such small beginnings, Fylde grew and after 99 years it is a nationally respected club and a strong brand name in English rugby.

What of the 23 people captured so proudly in the first photograph we have of these founding fathers, pictured outside the Ansdell Institute? Do you recognise any of these men? Are you related to them?

T Beard, J J Lamarque, D Riley, H F Newman, W B Prest, C E Holden, R T Thorpe, H A Wardle, B W Rothwell, G Eltoft, F S Higham, E Attwater, J Hopewell, C S Urwin, F Denham, F G Heap, W O Prest, M Robinson, G Wilkinson, J L Ingram, W Snowball, J H Holden, L Evans, G R Shaw.

Please let us know. E-mail the Club’s Archivist, Allan Foster, at, or call the Club Office at 01253 734733.

NB The Club’s Centenary Group has been working for many months on planning for this great celebration. We need the help of volunteers to assist in these activities. Please contact the Club as above if you are able to offer us a few hours of your time.

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